What It's All About...

Welcome to the Accidental Farm Podcast and to the real life Accidental Farm! Yes, it started by accident, but it's here to stay and all the stories are for YOU. Each 5-minute episode (and there are 100 of them!) is designed to invite you onto the farm -- to meet the animals, hang out with me, muck a stall, dig in the garden and to get to know all the characters. But more than that are the life lessons that seep from the fibers of this place. How your best friend reminds you of a donkey... and not just the ears! Or how Girls Night Out is just like life in the chicken coop. Have a listen. You'll see. ;)


Step onto the farm during your commute, in a break between meetings (or even during one, lol), while doing chores, working out or with your morning coffee. The farm's a simple place with complex dynamics that will leave you thinking about it well after the five minutes are through.

xoxo, Farm Girl (or Dana... which rhymes with banana)

Your host for the Accidental Farm Podcast

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